About dharma-center «Vajra Garuda»

More than twenty years many fundamental traditions of Tibetan Buddhism exist in Ukraine and a city of Kharkov was one of the first places, where winds of blessed karma brought great Siddhs of Buddha and Dharma Teachers to.

However, there have always been people willing to know true aspects of ancient cultures and comprehend deep core of mystical teachings of the East. It is not surprising, that Tibetan medicine and Teaching of Great Guru Padmasambhava, the founder of Tantric Buddhism in Tibet, found fertile soil among Kharkov Dharma followers and serve the benefit of all beings.

Dharma Center “Vajra Garuda” founded by Valery Botsula contributes into spreading of sometime secret teachings of Tibet. Many of the teachings are devoted to ensuring good health. Books dedicated to Tibetan medicine are released under the auspices of this Center; classes on all types of healing practices are conducting in it. Pulse Diagnosis, Mox Therapy, massage Ku Nye, Oil Bath and other aspects of Tibetan ancient healing tradition are practiced here.

Through the efforts of Dharma Center “Vajra Garuda” ashram (or secluded place) will open its doors since January 2010, where all comers will be able to perform spiritual practices, receive instructions in the Martial Arts and Taiji-quan, Bagua healing systems, improve their health with use of Tibetan health systems and just get a good relaxation. Ashram is located in a natural environment, far from industrial areas in a quite forest area, 15 km away from the nearest highway – on the outskirts of ancient Ukrainian village with mystical traditions. Virgin flora and fauna are kept in the forest (roe deer, hares, wild boars and other kind of animals), which tells about good ecological situation in this area.

Every guest of ashram can take advantage of individual healing program, which is recommended basing on Pulse Diagnosis – Tibetan traditional medical survey. Massage Ku Nye (rubbing with use of oil and methods of relaxation), Mox Therapy (heating of biologically active points with sagebrush cigars), oil and broth bath, meditation sessions for improving the nervous system functioning and qigong classes are practiced in the ashram.

Such a recovery system combined with following correct diet will help to get rid of stress effects, adjust weight, free from various pains, insomnia, internal and external bodies, trauma consequences and different dependencies.

Optionally it is possible to continue wellness course in the Kharkov city in “Vajra Garuda” Center.

Approximate list of disorders, that can be cured using methods of Tibetan medicine: depletion of internal and external bodies, Cerebral palsy, insomnia, chronic fatigue, overweight, dystrophy, gynecological disorders, infertility, mastopathy, disorders of genitourinary system, digestive disorder, chronic bronchitis, asthma and other lung diseases, antritis, tumor and stagnant processes in internal and external bodies, pressure problems, headaches, trauma consequences, epilepsy, tics, heart diseases, other chronic and fresh cold disorders of all boy systems.

Center is accepting the applications for rest, seminars and recovery programs from Buddhist communities and from every individual.

Additional information about “Vajra Garuda” Center may be found on the website: www.garuda.com.ua.

Telephone number: +38 067 750-57-63;
Email: botsula@list.ru
Skype: Call Garuda on Skype