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Center of Tibetan medicine “VAJRA GARUDA” was founded in Kharkov, Ukraine, in 1994 by Botsula Valeriy Victorovich.

The Center is specialized exceptionally in nondrug therapy free from side effects. The background of the therapy is diagnostics. In our Center only classic diagnostic methods are used such as pulse diagnostics and urine diagnostics.

The keystone to successful treatment and full recovery of patients is accurate estimation of etiology and establishing a doctor-patient rapport and strict observance of prescriptions on nutrition, lifestyle and procedures.

The main methods of the therapy are normalization of nourishment and formation of healthy lifestyle, moxibustion (diathermy of biologically active points), Ku-nye massage, oil therapy, golden needle, fire cups (cup massage), acupuncture, treatment by mantras, treatment by, treatment by laying hands.

Peculiarities of the methods of classic Tibetan medicine allow achieving results that are incredible from the viewpoint of traditional medicine.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, neural irritability, sleep disturbance, splanchnopathy, disorders of musculoskeletal system, various nervous disorders may be treated successfully.


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