Successfulness of a treatment depends primarily on right diagnosis; therefore in our center special attention is given to diagnostics. Traditional Tibetan medicine includes methods from interview with the patient about the reasons for visiting doctor and examination according to classic Tibetan methods of diagnostics. Pulse diagnostics is a must. If necessary, urine diagnostics will be carried out.

The main methods of the therapy are:

  • normalization of nourishment and formation of healthy lifestyle of the patient;
  • moxibustion (diathermy of biologically active points),
  • Ku-nye massage;
  • oil therapy;
  • compresses (cold and hot);
  • golden needle;
  • fire cups (cup massage);
  • application of natural stones (agate, greenstone);
  • acupuncture;
  • treatment with mantras;
  • treatment by laying hands (treatment by intrinsic energy of the doctor).


Here is a short list of diseases which can be treated with the methods of Tibetan medicine:


- gynecologic disorders,
- kidney diseases (pyelonephritis, kidney stone disease, nephroptosis etc),
- infertility,
- gastric diseases (gastritis, colitis, ulcers etc),
- diseases of liver and gallbladder (cholepathia, choleliths etc),
- bronchitis,
- maxillary sinusitis,
- inveterate rhinitis,
- heart arrhythmia (tachycardia),
- disorders of intestinal tract (constipations, diarrhea, spasms etc),
- sexual disorders in men and women and other disorders.

Diseases of musculoskeletal system:

- arthralgia,
- rachialgia,
- radiculitis,
- muscle spasms,
- traumas,
- tumors in muscles and joints,
- congestive phenomena in limbs etc.

Nervous disorders:

- ICP in children and its sequelae in adults,
- convulsions,
- epilepsy and epileptoid syndromes,
- hyperfunction of muscles etc.